Roll20 Eberron Game – Players post here

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My players can post here for our Roll20 Eberron game.

Wow ages ago in a galaxy far far away!

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So its been YEARS since I have posted anything here…I wanted to post something so here goes….

I run a small gaming review channel called Mr. Mean Speaks! John Polack link will be below…also you can find me on my Discord channel, again link will be below. Drop by and say hi!

I am the proud father of an amazing 2 1/2 year old! NJ is the light of my life and my Wife is my universe! Without them I could not be doing the things I love! While we have had a very hard road and many setbacks, we keep a positive attitude and keep on keeping on. I am able to keep this attitude because of the the love of my family and RPG’s.

Sit and stay awhile and perhaps learn a lil about an rpg you did not know about, I’ll give you a free one right now…Mythic D6 by Khephera Publishing :

Go check out this cool game and enjoy it!


Be well and happy gaming…




A new life….

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So so much has changed in my life over the last year or so….I pretty much have my 11 yr. old son full time and he is doing great and is very healthy and happy!

I have a new lady in my life, the dudette is amazing and treats me like a king and I could not be happier!

Work is going well I was transferred to our HQ in Phoenix and am doing well there.

I am trying to get better at this blog thing as its a great way for my long distance friends and family to keep up with my crazy life!

More to come….

Grace Inn….not so graceful!

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Ok so not that thrilled wit the hotel staff! The rooms are ok and what I expected from a old hotel, also the tile flooring all around is very sout western style and quite nice!

Lets start with the check in process…my room for the whole weekend is 229. but I checked my card this morning and there is a hold for 300???? I will ask about this in a few. No biggy just bothers me why they are charging extra???

Next the restaurant… which is called BG’s they are running a special for 4$ for a decent breakfast plus another 2$ for a drink, now the food was very good healthy portions and cooked to order. Now the service…HORRIBLE!!!! There was a sign that said “Please wait to be seated” Me and my son waited several minutes and no one came to seat us. I made eye contact with a server and was ignored! So I started to walk in looking for someone to seat us. When the waiter who must have been the host as well and rushed to seat us but I got the feeling I was intruding on his day!

It all went down from there as he abrouptly told my son that he did get eggs with his meal! Then I for those that know me I am a coffee achiever and never got a refill even after I asked twice!

So while the meal was good, the service sucked! I of course will go back because the price is right and I dont have to drag my son to a offsite spot to eat. But I will let the hotel manager know before I leave to end my vacation.

more to come…

Disabled gamer speaks – very cool!

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follow the link, this is near and dear to me as my mums is disabled and she games so this is very close to home for me…

Wandering Monsters High School rpg at SAGA Tucson

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OK so I was at this months SAGA event in Tucson and while there was not as many people there this time I had allot of fun. My son, Jonathan and I were there to play some games and hand out with Ron and the SAGA crew.

I was slated to run Shaintar but alas it was not meant to be as I had 2 players, one of them being my son! So Kynn Bartlett was there and was looking for people to play test is game called “Wandering High School Monsters”, Ok let me say this the character creation was a blast! and it was so easy we all picked it up super quick and it was fun!

The premise is that you are a minion of the evil monster and your masters are tired of there monsters being killed so easy that it is decided to send you (monster minion) to school! That being said your are free to create just about any monster you want. I was a Medusa, now because as a monster you tend not to remember much you are required to take certain classes. Such classes that benefit a monster that works in a dungeon, like Wandering monster 101 and Ambush and so on. Of course as a high school student you need some activities such as cheer leading and slamball. I of course was on the cheer leading squad and was also the math teachers pet! (a perk you can get!) Many of the perks are just what you would expect from highschool.

Kynn is on facebook and hopes to have pdf’s of the book for sale soon. I recommend you buy it! This is one game I will be buying and playing with my son and friends.

So in closing me and Jonathan had a blast in Tucson and as always we will be back next month! Oh! and I am now a Marshall on the SAGA board and am looking forward to helping out in various ways to promote SAGA and the activities that it sponsors.

So till next time be well…

Tucson SAGA Meetup…a blast had by all!

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Ok so its been a cou;ple of weeks and me and the boy are back from Tucson and the meetup event hosted by SAGA a local gaming group there in Tucson.

Me and my son drove down Friday after work and after having to take a 2 hour detour due to a nasty accident on the I-10, we made it to Ron’s house where him and his wife Vern and friend Jenn greeted us with open arms and smiles!

I proceed to get settled in and run a session of Deadlands Reloaded for Ron and family / friends and my 10 yr old son. I did a take of Big Trouble in Little China the movie and I think it went swell! My son had a blast and fun was had by all! I hope I did the subject matter proud and look forward to running again next month.

Now at the SAGA event I was lucky enough to play in Ron’s Shaintar game where we played one of the one sheets of the Talismon website which had tons of undead! I had a blast and look forward to playing some more. I voluntered to run Shaintar next month, March for the event and hope to have much fun as well my son will be with me and he is already looking forward to the trip!

Again in wrapping up a big thank you to Ron and Vern for openning their house to me and my son and saving me the exspense of a hotel! It was a blast and my son really had a great time. I look forward to it next month and the months to come.

as always be well…

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New Podcast the Games the Thing

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ok so Sean Patrick Fannon is on TGTT podcast, The episode 49 one is the one you want and I want to say much love and happiness to SPF and Carinn I wish them all the best.

Now on that note I want to find a gamer chick! My last marriage was to a none gamer and it put 13 years of stress on us and I am sure is one of the major factors in our divorce!

Now if you are a gamer chick and single and interested in a 6ft, long haired Ogre! Then I am the guy for you! 🙂

Feel free to drop me a line at

Again all the best to SPF! You deserve it man!

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A fun filled weekend..

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Me and my son Jonathan will be heading to Tucson Friday night after dinner to stay with some friends out there and then spend Saturday playing board games and RPG’s.

This is for the SAGA game club aka Southern AZ. Gaming Association. of which my friend Ron and his wife V are members of, and have asked me to come out and game with the club. I am excited to be a  part of the club and look forward to more gaming goodness.

I will post a after game report on the games that were played and maybe even some pics.

more to come…

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new game I am really excited about…Hellfrost

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ok if you have not seen this yet you need to go check out the site Hellfrost , this game looks to be everything I am looking for  in a fantasy rpg. I gave D&D 4th ed. a solid try and just did not like the play style, Palladium is old and tired! GURPs just cant find a group, the list goes on and on….

I am scheduled to run Hellfrost at RandomCon later this year and am looking forward to it. Since PhoenixCon is no more this is taking the place of it and at the end of the year I will have RinCon in Tucson with my friends from the Games the Thing podast.

Of course if we are talking podcast then we have to give a shout out to 2D6 feet in a random direction…or just 2D6. My bestest friend Brian runs this pod and it is great to be able to hear his voice and toast a pint to him, even if we cant do it in the same room!

Well thats it for now I will post more latter.

Mr. Mean

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